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Kohler Peak Performer GC levelling machine Provided with an automatic change device for a quick cleaning of the levelling rollers

Because of the increasing quality-demand the demand for levelling cutting parts is also increasing. More and more companies notice that levelling with a precision machine is not just straightening a plate. With levelling the stress in the material is balanced and greatly reduced. For example, a plate seems to be without problems because it was straight at delivery. By cutting (autogenous, plasma or lasercutting) or punching the “frozen” stress can be released and deform the plate greatly. This deformation causes major disadvantages during cutting and punching but also has consequences for any follow-up processes.

Levelled sheetparts are also much easier for edging and welding, so a big saving of time can be realized.

Thin sheet metal can often be levelled with a conventional mechanical levelling machine. For thicker sheet metal Kohler has developed the unique electromechanical Peak Performer GC whereby GC indicates GAP-control. Through very fast servomotors the set gap between the upper and lower straightening rollers is kept constant what levels sheet metal with a high complexity, varying diameters and high tensile strength with a very high accuracy. Because the servomotors respond very quickly to strength differences, the Kohler Peak Performer GC levelling machine also protect against overload. The mill frame of the levelling machine opens itself directly as soon as the forces on the straightening rollers are too high.

Due to the absence of hydraulic all Peak Performer GC levelling machines are optimal ecological. There is no risk of oil with environmental impact and the lower energy consumption means lower CO2 emission.

The Kohler Peak Performer GC levelling machines are suitable for sheet metal with a thickness of 0,5 to 60 mm.

KOHLER also has an comprehensive levellingcentre for contract work.

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