Levelling Machines

With the company KOHLER, established in Germany, we can offer a complete range of high-quality levelling machines. From precision levelling machines for sheet metal parts with a thickness from 0,5 to 60 mm to high capacity machines for coil preparation. Also the machines can be integrated in press lines and we supply press feeding lines for roll formers and cut-to-length lines.
KOHLER stands for various developments in the field of levelling technology. Many of these developments have had a lasting effect on the entire metalworking industry. This technological advantage is reflected in the already more than 6000 KOHLER machines which are worldwide successfully used.

Many companies still see levelling as just straightening a plate. Levelling with a precision levelling machine is actually much more than just straightening. With levelling the stress in the material is balanced and greatly reduced. For example, a plate seems to be without problems because it was straight at delivery. By cutting (autogenous, plasma or laser cutting) or punching the “frozen” stress can be released and deform the plate greatly. This deformation causes major disadvantages during cutting and punching but also has consequences for any follow-up processes.

Levelled sheet parts are also much easier for edging and welding, so a big saving of time can be realized.