Swinggrinder Deburring Machine









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Loewer SwingGrinder deburring machine

Up to now there were really only two methods for deburring CNC cut sheet metal: either manually with power tools or using expensive through-feed machines. The Loewer SwingGrinder offers a third approach. The process is up to 3-4 times quicker than manual deburring. The SwingGrinder comes standard with a Soft Disc for deburring and a Medium Disc for edge-rounding. The small initial investment and low tool costs lead to a quick return on investment.

On the video below you can see the SwingGrinder deburring machine in action.

Below you can see a video of the SwingGrinder “M” which is equipped with magnetic tracks and is therefore especially suitable for companies that mainly want to deburr and edge-rounding steel. This machine is also suitable for removing oxide from the edges.