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LIMA tumble deburring machine For flame, plasma, saw-cut and stamped parts

For over 25 years the company LIMA Entgratungsmaschinen have been building Deburring Drum Machines for the deburring of flame- and plasma cut parts. However, these machines are also used for deburring or degreasing of, for example, punched or laser cut parts. In Europe you will already find more than 700 deburring machines from the company LIMA Entgratungsmaschinen. These deburring machines are known for their robust construction in combination with a perfect deburring result. The best selling machine is the 600 litre version since for most applications this is the best machine in terms of filling and operationtime. Standard the machines are equipped with acoustic cladding and extraction of the drum so that the products are clean when they leave the machine. Optionally the machine can be extend with multiple options such as, for example, an automatic lifting and tipping device. However, most of our customers use standard tipping containers so that the drum can be easily filled with a fork-lift truck.

Below is a short animated video explaining the operation of the deburring drum machine.