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Example round edges

Wide-belt deburring machines stands for a multitude of different deburring machines. Because there are so many different wishes, we represent various suppliers so we can offer you the right solution for your specific deburring application. When we speak about wide-belt deburring machines it usually involves multiple operations such as: finishing, grinding, edge-rounding, unsharping, oxide layer removal and of course deburring. For a good rounding it is necessary that the burrs are removed properly first. For the removal of the burrs, there are several techniques, each with its specific advantages and disadvantages. Also for edge-rounding there are several techniques with a different finishing. For example, certain systems provide an undefined finishing and others a line-finishing. Wide-belt deburring machines are available in dry and wet execution. Given the diversity, it is important to know what your specific needs are so we can determine which machine is the best solution.