Magnetic floor sweeper




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Safety agent with a great force of attraction.

HEVAMI® magnetic floor sweeper to remove abrasives and other ferritic particles.

In all engineering companies, at a shotblast machine or in a free blast cabinet, abrasive and metal waste causes dangerous situations on the floor. The machine operators and all other persons who are on the industrial floor are running a great risk.

Safety is a matter of common sense. With the HEVAMI® magnetic floor sweeper you have a sensible and economical solution to the problem of slippery metal waste on the floor. By rolling the cleaner on the contaminated floor all metal particles are attracted by the high-quality magnet. By pulling the handle the particles fall off on a desired place. Fast, easy, efficient but more importantly, safe.
Vacuum cleaner, broom and dustpan are more difficult to use then the HEVAMI® magnetic floor sweeper when it comes to remove metal particles of your industrial floor.

The HEVAMI® magnetic floor sweeper is the ideal tool for increasing safety in all metal working companies.