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Kuhlmeyer bevelling machines Bevelling with a grinding belt

With the Kuhlmeyer machines from Bad Oeynhausen (D) we offer an extensive programme in the field of weld seam preparation, in other words bevelling. Bevelling with a belt grinding machine offers several advantages over existing techniques, such as bevelling by milling, torch cutting, hand-held machines or other techniques. There is no need for final processing and there is no texture change of the sides to be processed, because the heat input compared to the various cutting techniques is very low. All common phases can be easily achieved by means of an automatic setting of the grinding angle. In addition, there are low cost to the grinding belts and they have a very long standing time.

With the type UKF, it is possible to apply phases of -45 to +88 degrees. The standard edited plate thickness is between 3 and 100 mm. The standard bevelling machines are available from 1,5 to 18 meters. Also for specific customer questions we can provide the right solution with Kuhlmeyer.