BIG-JURIJ leveling machine for steel strips

We recently expanded our delivery program with the BIG-JURIJ leveling machine for straightening flat steel strips to be able to offer a cheaper alternative to the high-quality precision leveling machines from Kohler for the steel construction companies that process a lot of narrow strips. This includes, for example, the construction of stairs and handrails because they process many narrow strips. The first prototype was also developed by Holl Stahlbau GmbH, who developed the leveling machine for their own needs. After fellow companies also felt a need for the BIG-JURIJ leveling machine, they decided to set up a separate company for this.
The BIG-JURIJ is available in an S version which is suitable for strips from 30×5 to 60×10 mm and the L version which can level strips up to 80×20 mm. Any deviations from the two standard leveling machines are also negotiable. If you also want to save time and want to say goodbye to damaged strips due to hammer impact, please contact us for more information!

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