Kuhlmeyer longbelt grindingmachine

Typ ZBS-3 (4 meter table) produced in 1999. This machine is completely overhauled. This longbelt grinding machine is equiped with a handling unit and a bigger table including suction naps. Also a wet extraction unit is included.

Drum Tumbler Shotblast Machine TurboTechnica

Used Drum Tumbling Shotblast machine from TurboTechnica. Machine is built in 1997 and is technical in a good condition. Dimensions tumbler: round 850 mm and a width of 1.000 mm. Machine is directly available.

Kuhlmeyer bevelling machine (sold!!!)

Sorry, this entry is only available in Nederlands.


Machine does has 3 blastingwheels with each 11 kW.

(Nederlands) Gebruikte hangbaan werpstraalmachine type HB 16/16 W (verkocht!!!)

Sorry, this entry is only available in Nederlands.

NS Máquinas tube grinding machine (sold!!!)

Type ML100. The perfect machine for the grinding of oval, round, straight and bent tubes. With automatic feeding system and variable speed for abrasive belts. This is an exhibitionmachine wich is available from stock.

NS Máquinas deburring machine (sold!!!)

1100 mm wide deburring machine from NS Máquinas, type DM1100C. Performs edge rounding and removes sharp edges of parts either cut in laser, shear or punching machine. This is a new machine which is available from stock.

Kuhlmeyer bevelling machine, typ FF 4.1 (sold!!!)

Demonstration bevelling machine. Built in 2013. Machine is in a very good condition! Max. sheet thickness from 3 up to 80 mm. Grinding head adjustable from 0 up to 60 degrees.

Lindhorst deburring tumbler (sold!!!)

Type LIMA 600L from 2009. Deburring of bigger quantities of flame, plasma and/or saw-cut parts. Including a noise reduction cabinet and extraction unit. Machine is in a perfect condition.

ERNST deburring machine (sold!!!)

Deburring machine, typ EG3M-II-1400 from 2006. The perfect machine for the deburring of flame and plasma cut parts. The machine is completely overhauled and can be demonstrated.